To be eligible to take Segment 2 classes, your student must complete at least 30 hours of behind the wheel practice and have had his or her level one license for 90 days. (the white slip the Secretary of State’s office gave your student ). The Issue Date is coded at the top left of the license. (All the numbers will be pushed together 05302015)

Segment 2 is designed to take students a step further in developing personal responsibility behind the wheel. Soon young drivers will be driving on their own, fully responsible for themselves, their passengers, and other road users. They will also soon be responsible for checking and maintaining their own vehicle. In Segment 2 students work in groups to figure out answers to common situations they may find themselves in.

Driving like so many things in life is dependent on the decisions made. It is our mission to help new drivers learn to make decisions which will ensure their time behind the wheel is safe and enjoyable.

After completing segment 2 and at least 6 months after completing segment 1 and approaching their 16th birthday or beyond, student will want to sign up for their Road test. The state provides a study guide with all the requirements and details of the tests including the exact set up and measurements of the "parking lot" course. You can get that guide here

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